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Meet our Perma Fosters!

What is a Perma Foster?

Perma Fosters, or permanent fosters, are dogs that we have taken in rescue, that for a variety of reasons, are not adoptable.  We continue to honor the lifetime commitment we make to all of the dogs that come into rescue by placing these dogs in foster homes that care for them for the rest of their lives.  Rescue continues to provide medical care for these dogs to ensure that they do not ever lack for anything ever again.

What makes a dog unadoptable?

The word “unadoptable” sounds bad, but it’s really not!  Most of our Perma Fosters have medical conditions that require either expensive treatments or experienced monitoring.  Some of our Perma Fosters arrived into rescue at an advanced age, and we decided that it was not fair to them to move them again after they settled into their foster homes.  On a rare occasion, a behavioral issue such as severe separation anxiety or fear reactivity that persists after extensive training results in a dog becoming a Perma Foster.

How can I help the Perma Fosters?

The biggest expense that we have with our Perma Fosters is medical costs.  Most of our Perma Fosters are on multiple medications to manage and treat chronic medical conditions. These medications range in cost from about $20 a month to almost $400.  If you would like to donate to help toward the cost of medical care for our Perma Fosters, please use the PayPal button on the home page and put a note in the donation that you would like the money to go toward the care of our Perma Fosters!