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Dogs and Chocolate

Dogs and Chocolate: Get the Facts Most of us have heard that chocolate can make dogs sick. But how serious is the risk? By Salynn Boyles WebMD Pet Health Feature If your canine companion is more family member than pet, you may be in the habit of sharing the foods your...

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13 Tips for Dog-Friendly Hiking

13 Tips for Dog Friendly Hiking Here are our dog friendly hiking tips that we want to pass on. 1 – Make sure your dog is in good physical condition Begin with long walks in your neighborhood before you start short hikes in the woods. Work up from there. Believe it or...

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Dogs Pulling on a Leash

Dogs Pulling on Leash Don't let your dog pull you around. Essential leash training tips to keep your dog from pulling. By September Morn Posted: March 5, 2012, 9 a.m. EST Why dogs do this A dog pulls on the leash for several reasons: • Sees, hears, or smells something...

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Bloating in Dogs

What is bloat? Gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV) is also known as "bloat," "stomach torsion," or "twisted stomach." Bloat is an extremely serious condition, and should be considered a life-threatening emergency when it occurs. There are no home remedies for bloat,...

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