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Surrender Application

Please read all our information on Surrendering a Saint before filling out this form.

Re-homing a Saint Bernard is an arduous process, and not all Saints are eligible for our Rescue. Please be aware that since we only take Saints into private foster homes, we are limited on the number of intakes we can do at any given time. It is not unusual for CSBR to have a month or longer wait list for incoming Saints. Also, a surrender fee will be assessed based on the expected financial impact of the Saint.

If you must Surrender your pet, please fill out this form about the pet you wish to surrender:

Surrender Application

Information about you

First and Last
First and Last

Information about the pet being surrendered

If your dog has not been spayed/neutered there will be a $150 surrender fee. If you can not afford the surrender fee, please continue to  ll out the form and we will call you to discuss it.

Additional information about the pet you are surrendering

Check all that apply - Do not check if you are not sure.
Chewing household objects, breaking fences, etc
If no, please explain.
Please be as thorough as possible here!
(Note that outdoor and indoor behavior may differ.)
If yes, describe the setting and list age of children, and describe his reaction. If no, describe his negative reaction.
Please be as specific as possible.
Please, send us images of your dog at cosaintrescue@gmail.com
I relinquish all rights of ownership of this animal to the Colorado Saint Bernard Rescue. I understand that this is not a guarantee of placement. I understand that is may take a few weeks for the Colorado Saint Bernard Rescue to take my dog as Shelters dogs come first and there is a waiting list.