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Success Stories


We save a lot of these beautiful dogs.  in fact, if you think of pure gross weight, we may save more dogs than most rescues in Colorado! 

We’re thrilled at some of the wonderful stories we hear about the Saints we have rescued.  Tell us your story and send us photos.  We’ll post them here!

Are you looking for a trainer?

Elizabeth with Upward Dog Colorado is your person! They believe in Positive Reinforcement. She has been working with our foster and adoptive dogs. We are learning so much from her. You can get in touch with her at elizabeth@upwarddogcolorado.com or...

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Tobin Got a Forever Home

Congratulations to Tobin. He has been in his forever home for a week now and he is doing great! Thank you, John, for adopting Tobin and showing him what it is like to have a best friend!

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Coco and Her New Family

Congratulations to Coco! This beautiful girl is now part of the most loving family. Coco is now a big sister to another Saint Bernard and a Chihuahua as well as a little sister to two human children. She is going to receive so much love and...

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Turtle aka Remi Got Her Forever Home

It is official!!!! Congratulations to Turtle aka Remi. She was adopted by one of the best people in the world, our vet Dr. Nickerson.The minute Kit saw Turtle in the vet room, it was love at first sight. This girl went from homeless to the best home she...

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Lexi Got Her Forever Family

Congratulations to Lexi!!! Lexi is Cooper’s, Eli’s, and Peyton’s mommy. She was adopted on 7/11 by Jeff and Jennifer. They fell in love with Lexi the minute they saw her on Facebook. She looks so much like her new sister Poppy. Thank you, Jeff...

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