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CSBR wants to wish Ivy a belated Happy Birthday!  Last month, Ivy turned an incredible 14 years old!  Gary wrote us with an update on her and we wanted to share:

In 2012, Kathy and I were ready to adopt again from CSBR after we lost our previous Saint to cancer.  We considered one of three Saints on the CSBR website.  Laura brought Ivy to our attention.  

Ivy was born on December 5, 2004.  She and two other Saints were rescued from backyard breeders in Kansas.  The husband and wife breeders divorced, and Ivy and her companions were left with the husband who told friends he didn’t want to care for the Saints and was going to shoot them.  CSBR was told about this and sent a volunteer to Kansas to resue all 3 Saints from deplorable conditions. 

Kathy and I adopted Ivy on August 26, 2012.  Over the last 6 1/2 years, we have adopted/rescued three more Saints and a terrier for housemates for Ivy.  She has outlasted all her playmates and is still going strong.

Ivy loves the snow and becomes playful, running, rolling in it, and eating it.  Ivy’s spirit and will to live gives us joy.  We can’t help but smile when she is looking at us with her big brown eyes.  

Kathy and I are truly blessed to have Ivy.  We feel we’re more “caretakers” of Ivy and all our other pups than their “owners”. 

Ivy has given us her love, her joy, her happiness, and her trust.  We will continue to cherish these gifts and treasure every moment with her.