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We are looking for a perma foster home for Sapphire.  If you are interested in being this girl’s forever (CSBR will continue to cover medical costs for her) please fill out an adoption application at gotdrool.org

Name: Sapphire Age/Date of Birth: ~5 years old Gender: female Breed: Saint Bernard mix
Adult Weight: ? Spayed Up-to-date with routine shots
Dog-friendly: yes Cat-friendly: yes Kid-friendly: 14+ House trained: almost entirely
Crate trained: yes Energy level: medium Adoption Fee: $500  

Sapphire comes to us all the way from Juarez Mexico where she clearly had a tough life on the streets.  When we first agreed to take her, she was very underweight and we couldn’t even get her shots so she could could travel.  We made arraignments for her care while she gained weight, and after a few months she was finally healthy enough to travel.  She has a large hematoma on her chest which we had removed when she was spayed. The mass was sent in for additional testing. We have shared the report below.  Unfortunately the results are not 100% clear, which is why we have made the decision to make Sapphire a permanent foster.  We will make sure she has everything she needs for the rest of her life no matter how long that is.

The mass is consistent with a lymphatic neoplasm. Distinction between lymphangioma and lymphangiosarcoma can be difficult. In this case there were regions of infiltration suggestive of a
malignant process. Lymphangiosarcoma / lymphangiomas are a rare neoplasm but recurrence is common, and metastasis can occur to regional lymph nodes, lungs and abdominal viscera with lymphangiosarcoma.

While she has physically recovered from her time as a street dog, she is still mentally adjusting to the good life.  She LOVES to be pet.  More than anything.  She will follow you around and paw at you to remind you that she is beautiful and needs pets.  She does well with other dogs as long as there is not food involved.  Her foster is working with her on her resource guarding, however because of this, we feel a home with young children is not a good fit for her.  She is mostly house trained and crate trained.  She does pretty well on a leash, and is very food motivated which is always a bonus for training!

If you are interested in becoming a permanent foster home Sapphire, please fill out a foster application at gotdrool.org