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Thanks to the King Soopers Neighborhood Reward Program, for every dollar you load onto this card, 5% will be donated back to the Colorado Saint Bernard Rescue. The program is a great, no-cost way to help the Colorado Saint Bernard Rescue earn money. Use it for groceries, at the pharmacy, or for gas all the while earning cash for the Saints.


Q. How do I use it?
A. The reloadable card comes preloaded with $3. You must first load your card at the King Soopers customer service desk or the check stand, with any amount up to $500. The card can then be used like a gift card. The funds will be deducted from your card with every transaction and your balance will be printed on the bottom of your receipt. You can reload your card as often as you need or wish.

Q. Do I have to go to King Soopers customer service desk every time I load my card?
A. No. While you can go to the customer’s service desk if you prefer, you can also present your reloadable card to the cashier just before you check out. You must ask the cashier before they begin scanning items. Loading your card only adds seconds onto your transition.

Q. Is my card only accepted at our neighborhood King Soopers?
A. No. All King Soopers, City Markets, and Kroger branded stores across the U.S. will accept this card. These include: Kroger, Fred Meyer, Ralph’s, Fry’s, Dillons, Smith’s, Food4Less and more. You can send gift cards to family and friends all over the country to earn money for the Colorado Saint Bernard Rescue.

Q. Do I still get King Soopers loyalty points if I use my reloadable card?
A. Yes, loyalty points with King Soopers are connected with your frequent shopper card. Just scan this card while you check out like you always do and you will continue to accumulate King Soopers frequent shopper points.

Q. I went to reload my card at King Soopers and they told me it had been deactivated… what’s the problem?
A. If a card had a zero balance for 90 days, it will become inactive. You will not be able to use the card. To start participating in the program again, you will need to get a new card.
If you need a card, please email us at cosaintrescue@gmail.com